Risks in Cashmere

Cashmere enjoys great views, but with earthquakes, fires and floods, all able to isolate people in trying times, it is important to be prepared. Residents' Associations help people get to know one another so they can get help from neighbours when needed.

Upcoming events in Cashmere ....

Do you have any events in the area that we can promote? Let us know if you do.

Predator Free Cashmere

Surrounded by birds and plants we sometimes forget that they can be devastated by predators. You have the power to help them. CRA has a number of traps that can help with possums, as well as some advice.

Landmarks of Cashmere

There are a number of well known, and many historic features of Cashmere. We are building a database of things you might want to know about the area you live in.

Have you walked the Cashmere Walkway circuit? The pdf below has directions and a map.

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